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I wanted to try yoga and see the benefits. When Dr. Coco gave us our first office yoga class I was immediately hooked. After seeing the results and the incredible attention to my health and safety during the sessions I became even more in love with the classes. I even set up some classes at home with my family. Dr. Coco is dedicated to helping others feel good and enjoy their “special detached time”
- Michelle, Wolfe Law Miami, Miami, Florida

“Having someone who understands the importance of proper movement and biomechanics in the health and wellness world is crucial, and there is no one better at exemplifying this marriage than Dr. Coco! I can honestly say she is truly one of a kind, combining her background in health care with the essence of yoga to give her clients the best experience and best results for their wellness goals!”
-Dr. Sam Align Chiro Care Centers, South Florida

I had the privilege of taking Dr. Coco's class at the Island Dolphin Care Center in Key Largo, Florida. Dr. Coco exemplifies the essence of Yoga with her calm delivery of demonstration and thoughtful guidance-by the end of the class I honestly felt relaxed and peaceful.

-Sharon  Residence Club at Fisherman's Cove Key Largo, Florida

Dr. Coco brings a much needed wealth of knowledge to the Yoga world. I would send any of my clients to her blindfolded because I know they’re in great hands.
-Pricha  Personal Trainer and Fitness Enthusiast
Lord Elite Training, Miami Beach

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